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Board/Contact Information

All Board members and Officers are volunteers and elected annually


                                        2018 Board Members



Andre Cantin,  President

Ray Bonney  Vice President.

Al MacArthur, Jr.  Safety Officer, Director of Training.

SAFTEA Regional Master Instructor (Handgun, carbine, Shotgun) SAFTEA Range Master, Med Level 1 CPR/AED/Bleeding, Med level 2-Trauma, NRA Instructor, NRA Chief RSO, MAG Staff Instructor, MAG Certified Deadly Force Instructor, Sabre and POM Certified OC Instructor.


Roxanne Polak, Treasurer  (

Harry Manning Membership Officer

Ken Hart Executive Officer

Joshua Solomon Secretary

Bob Panit, Assistant Range Safety Officer NRA and SAFTEA Certified



General Membership meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM.

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