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Instructor Bio

Al MacArthur Jr.



Second Amendment Training Division Certifications


SAFTEA New England Regional Master Instructor

SAFTEA Instructor level courses
F.A.S.T. Handgun
Defensive Handgun 1,2,3
F.A.S.T. Carbine
Defensive Carbine 1,2,3
F.A.S.T. Shotgun
Defensive Shotgun 1,2,3
SAFTEA Range Master


SAFTEA Bleeding Management, Penetrating Trauma-Gunshot
S.A.F.E. Instructor Development

(Situational Awareness for Everyone, 
Workplace safety, Citizens Response to an Active Threat, House of Worship, Home and Vehicle
Sabre + POM Pepper Spray Instructor course

 SAFTEA Student level courses
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - Situational Alertness for Everyone       
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Handgun     
SAFTEA Defensive Handgun 1,2,3            
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Shotgun      
SAFTEA Defensive Shotgun 1,2,3       
SAFTEA F.A.S.T. Carbine       
SAFTEA Defensive Carbine 1,2,3
SAFTEA Pepper Spray   
SAFTD S.A.F.E. - Response to an Active Threat
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. Home and Vehicle Safety
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. House of Worship     
SAFTEA S.A.F.E. - Workplace Safety

SAFTEA First Aid/CPR/AED, Bleeding Management


                                         NRA Certifications

Home Firearm Safety                                            

Refuse to be a Victim!

Chief Range Safety Officer

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Basic Shotgun

Personal Protection in the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

Defensive Pistol


SABRE and POM Certified OC Instructor




UTAH Bureau of Criminal Identification

Concealed Firearms Certified Instructor



Current positions and additional Instruction

Owner, Merrimack Valley Firearms Academy

Wilson Hill Pistol Club Safety/Training Officer, 2013-present

Massad Ayoob Group (MAG) Staff Instructor 2014-present

MAG Deadly Force Instructor Graduate 2017

MAG-40 (Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement) Graduate 2013

MAG-80 (weapons retention/disarm,

multiple weapon deployment) graduate 2019

RangeMaster Instructor Development Course Graduate 2015

Sig Sauer Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor Graduate 2014




FEMA training to include:

​"Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: Guide for Schools, Higher Education, and Houses of Worship", 

"Basic Workplace Security Awareness "

"Active Shooter: What You Can Do ".




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